Accelerate Your Intuition

Accelerate Your Intuition

When you have followed your intuitive nudges in the past you have had tremendous validation and personal growth. Following your intuition is something to celebrate, yet so often we dismiss those intuitive nudges fearing judgment from others.

Sometimes you just know what you know. Other times you just have a strong feeling about something being the right path or course of action. Intuitive guidance can come through your thoughts. You might receive visual images in your mind as to your next steps.

In each of these cases your intuition was talking. Everyone experiences one or more of these types of intuitive nudges, but often these little nudges from the Universe get ignored because we misunderstand where the information fits or how to apply it.

Many Times The Real Problem Is Consistency

You might recognize an intuitive hit once in a while, but other times none of the clues can seem to make much sense. It can seem sometimes like your intuition is running on random mode receiving messages in a hit or miss fashion. What is real intuition and when is it just my ego mind talking? So, this can lead to a sense of confusion or mistrust.

When your intuition works everything is great! When you feel confused you might hesitate and wonder which course of action is the best step for you.

Does this sound like you or do you feel like you are somewhere in the middle? Your intuition is there for you…you just need to know how to access the information.

Discover How To Consistently Access Your Intuitive Guidance

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With grace and healing,

Laurra Warnke